About Stanwell Family Centre

Stanwell Family Centre offers a range of services and support to enable children aged 0-11 years and their families overcome difficulties and become more resilient.

Stanwell Family Centre work together with a range of partners who support children and families to ensure that children can thrive. We will work with families who request additional support to help find solutions and improve outcomes when a problem emerges.

The services and activities at Stanwell Family Centre are designed to aid childhood development and provide adults with skills for parenting, life and work.

How do we help?

Being a parent or carer of a young child is one of the most challenging, rewarding and important roles anyone can have. All parents/carers and children should be supported from their earliest years in learning and developing life skills so they can grow up healthy, happy and achieving their goals. Family Centres offer early intervention family support that aims to help before problems get too big. In our work with families, we use a range of approaches and resources to improve emotional well-being, social skills and opportunities for children to enjoy and achieve. Our service is confidential and our staff are friendly and informal. We are available to support you in the centre or at your home, all in complete confidence.

If you would like help and support, please call us on 01784 241407.